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A Spiritual Vaishnav Realist

If one is a master of one thing and understands one thing well, one has at the same time, insight into and understanding of many things.

~ Vincent Van Gogh

If one is a master of one's own self and understands oneself, one's own self well, one has at the same time, insight into and understanding of every thing in universe.

~ Sunilsuke

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About 'Sunil Suke - the Paintist'

I, Sunil Kumar or Sunil Suke, am one of the many painters who never went to any fine art institute or fine art teacher for training or skill development. In the mirror of past I see myself drawing and sketching ever since I got hold of writing slates and natural slate-stone pencils when I was just learning Devnagari alphabets. Before joining school I was recognised as an artist with vivid philosophical characteristics and earnest interest in nature. Sheer interest in nature could have made me a nature tourist but my intense introspective nature in conjunction with my sincerity towards sincere relationships kept me unusually, exceptionally home-bound or rather family-bound tied to the financial and socio-cultural value-related concerns of the family struggling on many fronts.

And Ji, yes, you rightly mean that I cannot be an exception when the modern wind of financial interdependence has spared none. Despite my innate favour for natural and sublime way of life I, too, have developed my own reasonable version of professionalism. And since around 2001 my creative, fine-art skill has been with a professional side to it also.

A section of my paintings are for sale.

To get an idea of what selling of my own work of art means to me please go HERE.

I also accept commission (paid commissioning) to make paintings. I do custom job i.e. make paintings to order under certain conditions conforming to etiquettes of the field of fine-art.

For my terms and conditions for working on commission please click HERE!!!

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(_Sunil Kumar Singh as Known to the World_)

Reflections About 'Sunil Suke - the Paintist'

The importance of History seems to have become history now. But certain memories, or rather meaningful spiritual relationship with certain people who value sincerity and sincere remarks never lose their significance despite total absence of occasion for sharing those memories, those people, those remarks. Here below are a few tags that must live on and go on and on in my world for some subtle reasons:

(The surface of) Some works are dry. Do something about them. [2006] [more]

-- Padma Shri Shri Keshav Malik,  Fellow of the Lalit Kala Akademi (2004)

बेटे सुनील,कुछ खाते-पीते नहीं हो !?! यह काम कैसे आगे बढ़ेगा?
Translation: Son Sunil, you do not eat and drink anything!?! How can you carry on this mission then?[2007] [more]

-- Prem Prakash Premi,  Formerly Lecturer in Art and Drawing. Bharatiya Vidya Mandir, K.G. Marg, New Delhi


सुनील कुमार स्वयं प्रशिक्षित ऐसे नवोदित युवा कलाकार हैं जो मनुष्य की अंतःवृत्तियों की खोज बहुत बारीकी से करते हैं। इस खोज में दर्शन, अध्यात्म तथा चिन्तन की परम्परा तो है ही, जीवनानुभवों की भी गहरी भूमिका है। [2006] [more]

English Translation: Sunil Kumar is one such self -taught upcoming artist who explores the inner processes very minutely. This research follows for sure the tradition of spiritual observation and meditation; it also deeply involves life-experiences.  [2006]  [more]

-- Dr. Jyotish Joshi
Editor, Samkalin Kala and other hindi publications, Lalit Kala Akadami, New Delhi.

He is for me the cosmic embodiment of "Art India" in his integrity along with a man in search of absolute purity, impressions and expressions. [more]

--  Eliana Andrade
March 16, 2010
Kristiansand, Norway

Sunil's paintings that truly represented his state of spiritual innocence mirrored all those qualities that helped transcend his briliantly executed works to the level of the sublime.  [more]

-- Hindustan Times (Patna Edition) April 05, 2010

But not long after this he misleadingly lets you down by his unusual simplicity and plainness and sometimes off-putting frankness if you have not heard in advance about his deep-rooted inner web of sense, sensibility and glamour. [more]

-- Woman's Era 2008 (ii)

(_More About This Painter_)

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The myth about artist's unkempt hair is not always and not even half true. And in the case of naturally unassuming artists not either that it is an style statement or a very deliberate or deliberated attitude


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" For me the family system is the best stretcher on which to mount the canvas of family and paint the theme of divine culture. "

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" For me a horse is more royal than a car. "


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